Shawn has a true gift of healing! I had my very first Reiki session with Mana Reiki and immediately I felt comfortable with Shawn. I had lost a baby in uterero a year earlier and while in my mind I was healed, I felt very blocked in my body and told Shawn I just needed the energy to flow and to release the negative from my body. He did the session and I felt his energy right away and released on the table with him and in the weeks and months following. What I loved most is after the session we were able to talk about what was felt within both of us on each chakra! Reiki has now become my therapy for myself. I had a recent inner groin injury and turned to shawn for some energy work to help that area. No pain at all the next day while doing a weight lifting class and it is still staying with me! If you are in need of some healing energy, book a session with Shawn at Mana Reiki and Wellness! He is truly a gifted soul who can help you feel better in this journey.
— Jenny A., Aliso Viejo, CA
You have to experience the healing power of Reiki with Shawn! I’ve had a lot of Reiki before and none other can compare. His intuition is always accurate when he works on you. Also when he worked on my dog with severe severe separation anxiety she was the most calm I have ever seen her. Medication, thunder shirts, essential oils, nothing really helped her as much as the reiki. It was truely a blessing because I had tried everything to help her from howling and self mutilating. She also loves when he gives her reiki, as she just lays on her back while he works on her. Shawn’s kind and gentle spirit is welcoming and loving. If you are looking for someone to really be attentive but also be helpful in whatever you need healing for, he is definitely one of the best.
— Leeanne M., Aliso Viejo, CA
Loved my experience with Shawn. He has a true spiritual gift. I always leave my sessions feeling balanced and grounded. Especially my distance sessions. I also love that he helps the animals too!!!
— Erin J., Brooklyn, NY
I went for my very first ever reiki session today. Shawn was friendly and professional and explained the whole process to me before we began. He made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. When the session was done I felt relaxed, like I feel after I get a massage. The thing I noticed most is that my chatty brain actually quieted down during the session. That doesn’t even happen when I am getting a massage! I will definitely be back!
— Angie C., - Mission Viejo, CA
Shawn was amazing! I hurt my back while working out and was in a lot of pain. He healed me with his wonderful energy and hands. I had never experienced Reiki before but as soon as he put his healing hands on my back I felt a difference. We had two sessions and the pain was gone.
— Elizabeth V., Costa Mesa, CA
I am very pleased to recommend Shawn Claybaugh as a Reiki practitioner. Not knowing anything about Reiki prior to working with Shawn, I was skeptical about its benefits. He did a wonderful job of explaining what Reiki is, and what would take place during my session. I now have had several sessions with Shawn, and have found him to be a compassionate listener who tailors each session to whatever my needs are for that day. Whether it be pain relief for a swollen knee, sore back, or just relaxation from a stressful week, I know that I will leave feeling reinvigorated after my session.
— Karen R., Aliso Viejo, CA
Shawn is an amazing spirit that will leave you feeling relaxed, in control (of your life), and whole again.
— Lauran O., Aliso Viejo, CA
Shawn provided my first Reiki session in San Clemente, CA. The experience was life altering. I emerged feeling serene, yet revitalized. Negative energy and chakras cleared, knowing this new connection was a gift from the Universe. I was always so grateful and thrilled to see him coming up the walkway for my home visits!

Sadly, I had to relocate and losing access to Shawn’s gifts had a noticeable affect. I tried two other practitioners with disappointing results.

From Florida, I followed Shawn on Instagram and felt his energy melt through me while reading one of his posts, dissolving my anxiety. I discovered he was providing distance healing and could not wait to give it a try. It worked exactly as if I were in the room with Shawn! The world can be an ugly place sometimes. People like Shawn are what make it beautiful. He keeps me ever grateful.
— Sandra B., FL
Our volunteer, Shawn, was amazing. He came to do Reiki with some of the dogs at The Garden. He was eager to work with the dogs and helped four of them in all. He listened to their needs, both medically and emotionally/mentally. He was absolutely fantastic! He got two of our dogs who have difficulty relaxing to relax and enjoy the Reiki session. One of our most high strung dogs, was laying down in the sand getting hands-on Reiki from Shawn. I just wanted you to know how great he was. He repeatedly thanked us for the privilege to work with our dogs, but really it is us who are thankful for his kindness!
— Jess C., Best Friends